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The Secrets Tree (The Hounds of Penhallow Hall 4)

It?s Halloween at Penhallow Hall and while celebrations are in full swing at the stately home, Polly and Rex are in search of a new ghost dog. Down in the old stable block they come across a dog?s head carved in a wooden door and wake a terrier called Patch. The little dog is terrified of the changes to his old home and runs off. When Polly and Rex find Patch hiding in a hollow tree they find themselves on the trail of an even greater mystery. Inside the tree is a coded message from Patch?s master, Jack, to his older brother. From Patch?s description Polly and Rex realize that Jack?s brother must have been a highwayman! But the message remains unread. Can Polly and Rex discover what happened to the brothers?

Holly Webb has written over 100 books. If you enjoyed this fourth in?The Hounds of Penhallow Hall?series, don?t miss the others ??The Moonlight Statue,?The Lost Treasure, and The Hidden Staircase.


Out of stock


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