Secret Hen House Theatre

“This is a farm, not a theatre,” snapped Hannah’s father. “Now get out of that mud, girl.”

Since the death of her mum, Hannah’s family life has been a bit of a mess. Her father works all day, every day, on their failing-to-bits farm, and the four children are pretty much left to themselves. While her younger brother keeps an eye on the tractors and her sisters look after Jasper the enormous pet sheep, Hannah finds a rickety old hen house on the edge of the farm. She decides to turn it into a theatre and put on a play that she’s written herself. But then the farm is threatened with demolition. Hannah hatches an even more ambitious, top secret plan to help save her family’s home and livelihood. Who can she trust? And what will happen when her dad finds out?

The first novel by Helen Peters, author of The Farm Beneath the Water and Evie’s Ghost.


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