Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat

Kay Catt has a nickname – Scaredy Catt. And with good reason. You’ve never met a more timid, anxious girl in your life. And when you meet her dad, you’ll start to understand why. But when a mysterious old man is spotted on Storey Street, it heralds the start of a great adventure for Kay. Because Wilf Wilkinson isn’t your average, cardigan-wearing, sherbet lemon-sucking old codger. Oh no. Wilf wears a cloak, and a strange pointy hat, and his walking stick looks suspiciously like an over-sized wand.

Wilf couldn’t be a wizard … could he?

The fourth and final hilarious Storey Street novel by Phil Earle, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie. Other books in the series are Demolition Dad, Superhero Street, and The War Next Door.


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