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His Royal Tinyness: A Terrible True Story

Once upon a time there was a happy family: A mum, a dad, a gerbil, and the most beautifulest, cleverest, ever so kindest Princess Marianna. Until one horrible?no good day?when a new ruler was born ?

From two of the most revered picture book creators working today comes a unique home-grown fairy tale about a little girl with a new baby brother. Marianna, the most beautiful, ever so kindest princess, lives happily with her mum, dad and gerbil. Happy, that is, until the new baby comes along. His Royal Highness King Baby is?so?smelly. He?s?so?noisy. And?all?the talk in the Land is about him ? non-stop,?All the time!?Has there?ever?been such a time of wicked rule?! Hilariously told from the over dramatic, reluctant big sister?s perspective, Sally Lloyd-Jones?s unique narrative voice is brought exquisitely, and hilariously, to life by award-winning illustrator David Roberts.


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