Where the River Runs Gold ,

Two children must risk everything to escape their fate and find the impossible … 

Shifa and her brother Themba live in Kairos City with their father, Nabil. The few live in luxury, whilst the millions like them crowd together in compounds, surviving on meagre rations and governed by Freedom Fields – the organisation that looks after you, as long as you opt in.

The bees have long disappeared; instead children must labour on farms, pollinating crops by hand so that the nation can eat. The farm Shifa and Themba are sent to is hard and cruel. Themba won’t survive there and Shifa comes up with a plan to break them out. But they have no idea where they are – their only guide is a map drawn from the ramblings of a stranger.

The journey ahead is fraught with danger, but Shifa is strong and knows to listen to her instincts – to let love guide them home. The freedom of a nation depends on it …

A breathtaking new adventure by Sita Brahmachari, author of Jasmine Skies and Red Leaves.


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