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The Completely Chaotic Christmas of Lottie Brooks


From hilarious bestselling author, Katie Kirby, comes a brand-new Lottie Brooks story. This time it’s CHRISTMAS!!!Dear Santa,For Christmas this year, I would like:Two hundred KitKat chunkies (full-size not multipack)Baby Bella to not vomit on my presents like last yearA new brother who doesn’t fart on me and call it a ‘tasty air biscuit’Antoine (the Handsome French Boy) to surprise me on Christmas day in the style of a Netflix rom-comSparkly eye-shadowA new diary (I’m really getting through them!)Lots of love,Lottie Brooksp.s Please could you put a chocolate orange instead of a real orange in my stocking this year? Christmas is complete chaos this year! The whole Brooks family are visiting for the festive break, there’s a Secret Santa to organise AND Lottie has to prepare for her big performance in the Christmas play as the back-end of a reindeer. Will she survive the festivities intact?


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  1. Rach

    The latest in the hilarious Lottie Brooks series and as always nothing is simple and everything is full of chaos. This time it’s Christmas and a small family Christmas is just not meant to be. Lottie has somehow accidentaly invited her hot French boyfriend and his entire family but he can’t really be coming, can he? And what about Daniel? Let the carnage commence. As with the entire series, this book will have you in complete stiches. Perfect for fans of Dork Diaries and early teens. 10+

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