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Princess Scallywag and the Brave, Brave Knight

Meet Princess Scallywag ? a feisty new heroine with more than a few tricks up her royal sleeve! From brand-new picture book pairing Mark Sperring and Claire Powell comes this hilarious, subversive fairy tale for girls and boys alike.

What?s a queen to do when she wakes up to find a huge bothersome dragon ransacking her kingdom and terrorising the villagers? By a stroke of luck, the bravest knight in the land happens to be skipping by at just the right moment. If he can rid the land of the dragon he can have her daughter?s hand in marriage ? but who would want to marry pond-bathing, stinky-footed Princess Scallywag?!

But maybe there?s more to this brave knight than meets the eye ?

This brilliant picture book will make unconventional princesses everywhere laugh until they snort!

Also available is the next book,?Princess Scallywag and the No-Good Pirates.


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