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Poppy and Prince (Pony Camp Diaries 2)

Saddle up for a week in pony paradise! At Sunnyside Stables, each girl gets her own pony to look after and ride for a week.?

Poppy hasn?t got on a horse since she had a bad fall a few months ago and broke her arm. Her confidence has gone and she?s shaky just thinking about cantering when she used to win all her competitions. Too embarrassed to tell the others girls at Pony Camp the truth, they?ve all mistaken Poppy for a beginner. Can Poppy overcome her nerves and get back on track?
The second book in the Pony Camp Diaries?series by Kelly McKain. Read the whole series:
  1. Megan and Mischief
  2. Poppy and Prince
  3. Chloe and Cracker
  4. Sophie and Shine


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