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Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods (Percy Jackson’s Greek Myths 1)

If you like horror shows, bloodbaths, stealing and cannibalism, then read on …

If you don’t know me, my name is Percy Jackson. I’m a half-god, half-mortal son of Poseidon, but this isn’t really about me. I’m here to tell you the true story of the gods of Ancient Greece.

Want to know how Zeus came to be top god? How many times Kronos ate one of his own kids? Why Athena literally burst out of another god’s head? It’s all here in black and white.

But I’ll start with the Greek story of creation – which, by the way, is seriously messed up. Wear your safety glasses and your raincoat. There will be blood …

If you enjoyed this book by rick Riordan, find out more about Greek mythology in Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes.


Out of stock

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