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PEEVES: They?ve come to annoy you!

Imagine if your worries and annoyances turned into real living creatures ? That?s what happens to 12-year-old Steve Pickings in this hilarious adventure by Mike van Waes.

Steve is a highly strung kid and many, many things annoy him. Following an accident, Steve?s worries and annoyances take the form of actual living creatures ? aka Peeves. This starts with Noisy Peeve who follows Steve around making the Beep, Beep, Beep, of his alarm clock, then there?s Asking Peeve, ?What are you doing??, ?Why are your arms so skinny?? ?Are you really going to wear THAT to school?? Soon there is a small army of Peeves making Steve?s days more challenging than usual. THEN it turns out that Peeves are contagious. Everyone is catching them. They are everywhere. AND they are evolving into something much, much worse ?


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