Our Jacko

One hundred years after the war to end all wars, Jacko’s descendants discover his notebook and the untold stories tucked in its pages.

“This war is a nightmare that one day I shall wake from and then forget. And if I don’t wake, then you shall never know. I don’t want you ever to know.”

No one seems to know where the scruffy tin hat came from ? just that it is very old, from some war or other long ago. To young Michael and his family it has its uses today: as a child’s toy, a feeding bowl for the hens, a hanging basket … Then Michael discovers that it belonged to his great-great-grandfather, ?Our Jacko?, who lost his life at Ypres in 1915. As the boy digs deeper, he finds the young soldier’s diary and learns more about his forgotten ancestor ? husband, father, poet, actor ? who died so tragically young. And it becomes clear exactly how Our Jacko should be commemorated.

A deeply personal and tender story of war, peace and those who are left behind, by Michael Morpurgo. Most suitable for 8 – 11 year olds. Find more books by Michael Morpurgo here.


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