Oliver Storm and the Great Disappearance

Oliver Storm and the Great Disappearance is the story of a teenage boy, who along with his sister and new friends try and reverse an experiment that makes all of the world’s adults vanish in the blink of an eye.

Oliver Storm has been expelled from his latest school and sent to the much stricter Oakwood Academy. In his first science lesson all children are encourage to watch a live TV broadcast with Professor Orwell Wells. Seconds later the world has changed and all adults have disappeared without a trace. Freddie is joined by his sister Amy and some newly found friends who must quickly deal with a world without adults and the chaos that follows. Gangs of wild children, looting and violence have taken over the street and the gang quickly decide that they must find any way they can to bring the adults back.

It is now a race against time for Team Storm to find out where the machine is and how to bring the adults back before the experiment cannot be reversed.

Freddie Ellison is 16-years-old and from North London. He was diagnosed with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) now known as ASC (autistic spectrum condition) at approx 3 years of age. He had difficulties with social interaction, communication challenges and a tendency to engage in repetitive behaviours. He also has a more recent diagnosis of extreme anxiety disorder particularly with regard to sensory anxiety, intolerance of uncertainty and mild phobias. In approx March 2017 he was excluded from his school following behavioural difficulties/issues that the school were not equipped/able to handle. He then spent approx 18 months at home with no educational support. During this time he started his writing having previously shown little interest in such endeavours. He would walk and run around (as if often the case with him !) with his notebooks and was often writing several stories concurrently. It was during this time that he came up with the concept for Oliver Storm. SJH have committed to writing three books with Freddie whose dream is to one day have a bestselling novel that is turned into a movie.


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