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Oi Frog! Memory Game

Oi Frog is the hilarious character from Kes Gray’s award-winning storybook and is brought to life in this fun and easy to play memory card game. Ideal for pre-schoolers especially when they star characters are from their favourite storybooks!.

Oi Frog card game is ideal for memory skills, cooperation and taking turns, the brightly coloured cards are stored in a tin so this is a great game to take on holiday and car journeys. To play the game turn over two cards for all to see and if the cards match the player keeps the pair and continue to play until two cards that don’t match so the next player takes their turn and the player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins. The success is remembering which cards have been placed where so you can select a matching pair when it’s your turn.

Contents: 56 high quality picture cards featuring the unmistakable illustrations from illustrator Jim Field in a bright coloured embossed tin.


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