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Mr Benn Big Top

When Mr Benn visits the little fancy dress shop, he enters a fantastical world of adventure as if by magic… Today, Mr Benn swaps his trademark black bowler hat and suit for a clown costume, and finds himself magically transported to a world full of circus performers, magicians and big top tents. Collect all four Mr Benn classics in their 50th anniversary paperback editions!Mr Benn Red KnightMr Benn Big TopMr Benn Big GameMr Benn 123456789Celebrate 50 years of the iconic BBC TV series with the original Mr Benn picture books!Voted 3rd in a BBC poll of 25 to 45 year olds of all-time favourite children’s showsVoted 6th in Channel 4’s poll of the 100 greatest kid’s TV showsVoted 10th most famous time-traveller by THE TIMES’…the very name is enough to induce a warm glow of childish bliss…’ TELEGRAPH


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