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The Mountain Challenge (Bear Grylls Adventures 10)

Lily is a great tea player, but she finds it hard to speak up and make herself heard. When a fun activity at Camp lands her unexpectedly on a mountaineering adventure with Bear Grylls, there are challenges for Lily on every cliff. Together they must plot the route down the mountain and avoid rock falls, sheer drops and dangerous wild animals … Will Lily face her fears, find her voice and fulfil her potential?

The tenth thrilling adventure in the new collectible series for young readers from survival expert and Chief Scout Bear Grylls.?Each book in this fun new 12-book series from Bear Grylls follows a different child on an outdoor activity camp. Once they are given a magical compass, they meet the inspirational adventurer in an amazing place and learn new skills and facts they can take with them back to their real life.

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Find another book using keywords, Title or an ISBN)