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How Monty Found His Magic

From?author-illustrator Lerryn Korda comes a book for anyone who?s ever lacked confidence or been afraid of failing at something new – and how true friendship can help to conquer the fear.

Overcoming nerves, supporting your friends and finding your inner courage is celebrated in this heart-warming, stunningly-illustrated story about being a magician. Monty is a marvellous magician, but why won?t he show his tricks to other people? Zephyr and Snuffles, Monty’s best friends, want everyone to see just how amazing he is and keep reminding him that ? together ? they can do anything! They are a magical trio! But will Monty remember that when he?s about to get up there on the glittering stage? Inspiring and reassuring, this is a story about the kind of magic that happens on stage to wild applause, but also the magical love that goes on behind-the-scenes to make it all possible.


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