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Minecraft Amazing Bite Size Builds

Learn how to design, build and customise over 20 new Minecraft mini-projects in this latest volume in the Bite Size Builds series. If you enjoyed the first Bite Size Builds book, you’ll love this second volume, jam-packed with all-new builds for you to try out! With detailed instructions, block hacks and build tips, this book will encourage you to learn new tricks and polish old skills as you create a wide range of fun, bite-sized builds. Each build is accompanied by exploded views, step-by-step guides and detailed instructions to show you how to complete each build from start to finish.

Informative text will help you with your construction understanding, and encourage you to use your new knowledge to create your very own builds. Featuring space rockets, unicorn statues, jungle shrines, mineshaft trains, super slides, and much more. Discover more builds in:Bite Size Builds 9780755500406 Collect all the official Minecraft books to become the best Minecrafter you can be.


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