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Maya’s Walk

Maya and her dad love walking-whether it’s a walk through woods full of wildlife, in the bustling streets, or at the local park, there is always lots to see, hear, touch, and smell. Join in as Maya finds fun ways to enjoy her walk, discovering hidden treasures, hopping and jumping along the path, and enjoying the magic of nature. At a time when the benefits of time spent outdoors are more keenly felt than ever, this beautifully told and stunningly illustrated story will inspire children to get out and discover for themselves how much joy a walk can bring.

This inspiring story shows all the fun ways to experience a walk, no matter how familiar the setting. It highlights the joy connecting with nature can bring as we become ever more aware of its benefits to mental wellbeing. Full of practical and imaginative ideas to encourage children to engage their senses and connect with their local surroundings.


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