Little Blue Boat And The Marsh Man’S Gold

The Little Blue Boat and the Marsh Man’s Gold! picks up a year on from the first adventure, The Little Blue Boat and the Secret of the Broads, which introduced the lovable Little Blue Boat, Able Sea Bear Teddy, the mysterious Marsh Man, the wicked Pincher Pete and the boat’s three young owners to its keen and receptive readers. This children’s novel is an exciting, fast-moving race against time as the three children, Lucy, Sam and Alfie, with Able Sea Bear Teddy and the mysterious Marsh Man, are helped by numerous animals, birds and other wetland creatures as they battle to prevent the evil Pincher Pete and his ruthless gang steal rare bitterns’ eggs, and ancient gold treasure from a sunken Viking longboat! The story takes the readers on a journey through Norfolk and Suffolk’s southern Broads and rivers, and introduces them to some of the creatures that live on, above, below and beside the water. It’s a perfect holiday read for families, especially those heading for waterside or rural locations, and is sure to entertain children and their parents.

The Little Blue Boat and the Marsh Man’s Gold! is backed and endorsed by the Broads Authority, as it encourages youngsters to get out and enjoy the outdoors and our wonderful wetlands, whether by boat, canoe, bike, or on foot. The Little Blue Boat and the Secret of the Broads has achieved sales of nearly 1,500 and was nominated for the Jarrold New Writing Award at the Norfolk Arts Awards in 2013. This second adventure takes the book into slightly older territory as the protagonists and audience grow.


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