Who Killed Darius Drake?

Whatever you’ve heard about Darius Drake … it’s wrong.

Some of the stories are lies, some are mistakes, and the rest were invented by Darius to fool his enemies.

And I do mean ENEMIES. Not school bullies or mean kids. I’m talking about real, grown-up enemies who would stop at nothing to find the legendary Dunbar diamonds before Darius and I did.

So whatever you’ve heard – forget it. Because THIS is what really happened.

Orphan genius Darius enlists school tough guy Arthur “Bash-Man” to help uncover who sent a note asking the question “Who Killed Darius Drake?” This adventure soon becomes entangled with the case of Darius’s grandfather, who was imprisoned for forging evidence in the hunt for a diamond necklace.

A new mystery novel by Rodman Philbrick.


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