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Just William

A joyful anniversary edition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first publication of Richmal Crompton’s bestselling, much-loved classic Just William – updated for a new generation of readers. Featuring the original text illustrations by Thomas Henry and an introduction by Sue Townsend. ‘William is as fresh and funny as ever’ – Chris Riddell’Gloriously funny’ – Sue Townsend, author of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4There is only one William.

This tousle-headed, snub-nosed, hearty, lovable bundle of mischief has been harassing his unfortunate family and delighting his hundreds of thousands of admirers since 1922. Whether he’s meant to be babysitting, putting on a show with his trusty gang of friends, the Outlaws, or meeting his faithful dog, Jumble, William Brown always has a new scheme up his sleeve. His intentions are good but nothing ever quite goes to plan in this hilarious collection of eleven stories about everyone’s favourite troublemaker.

Enjoy more of William’s adventures in More William, William Again, William the Outlaw and William at Christmas.


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