Jake Atlas and the Quest for the Crystal Mountain ,

Treasure hunter, tomb robber, troublemaker

Jake Atlas and his family are searching for the fifth emerald tablet that will reveal the secret to the history of humankind. At China’s Terracotta Army Museum, Jake retrieves a clue to a safe passage into a nearby tomb, where the tablet is believed to be hidden. But when a helicopter appears and blows up the tomb, the Atlases know they are being pursued by the People of the Snake. They must decode the rescued tablet and journey to the Crystal Mountain in Tibet to discover its store of ancient knowledge. But the mountain is guarded by a spirit, never to be entered. Not one to be deterred, Jake Atlas must overcome high altitudes, survive in a frozen landscape and drink far more yak butter tea than he’d ever imagined to discover the mountain’s secrets.

Another heart-thumping Jake Atlas adventure from the award-winning author Rob Lloyd Jones, full of laughs and high-tech gadgets. This is the sequel to Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake and Jake Atlas and the Hunt for the Feathered God.


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