The Island at the End of Everything

There are some places you would not want to go. Even if I told you that we have oceans filled with sea turtles and dolphins, or forests lush with parrots that call through air thick with warmth … Nobody comes here because they want to. It’s the island of no return.

Amihan lives on Culion Island, where some of the inhabitants – including her mother – have leprosy. Ami loves her home – with its blue seas and lush forests, Culion is all she has ever known. But the arrival of malicious government official Mr Zamora changes her world forever: islanders untouched by sickness are forced to leave. Banished to an orphanage across the sea, she’s desperate to return, and finds a strange and fragile hope in a colony of butterflies. Can they lead her home before it’s too late?

The Island at the End of Everything is Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s second novel; the bestselling, critically acclaimed The Girl of Ink and Stars was her first. Now also available is her latest novel, The Way Past Winter.


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