The Hundred Names of Darkness (The Wildings 2)

As the Nizamuddin cat clan recover slowly from their terrible battle with the ferals, they find their beloved home changing around them. Winter brings an army of predators – humans, vicious dogs, snakes, bandicoots along with the cold and a scarcity of food. Unless Mara can help them find a safe haven, their small band will be wiped out for good.

With the assistance of a motley group of friends Doginder, a friendly stray Hatch, a Black Kite who is afraid of the sky, Thomas Mor, an affable peacock Jethro Tail, the mouse who roared and the legendary Senders of Delhi – Mara and her band set out on an epic journey to find a place where they can live free from danger …

This is the sequel to Nilanjana Roy’s The Wildings.