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Dramas Of A Teenage Heiress


If anyone was going to be photographed FIRST holding that handbag, it was going to be Fritz. 2. And if it was a little too big for Fritz, then it was going to be ME.

3. And if it wasn’t me, then maybe the Queen or Beyonce or someone. 4.

Whoever it was, it was not going to be gossip columnist Nancy Rose . . .

When a scurrilous journalist writes a very mean article about hotel heiress Flick Royale after ‘an unfortunate incident’ over a handbag designed for her pet daschund Fritz, she is mortified. Especially when it goes viral! She has to find a way to show the world that she’s not the spoilt brat she’s been made out to be. But with not enough followers on even Fritz’s Instagram account, let alone her own, she needs to find a bigger crowd to tell the real story to.


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