Geek Tragedy (Happyville High 1)

From Tom McLaughlin, the author of the hilarious Accidental Prime Minister, a new series celebrating brains over beauty, with all the wit and humour that kids love.

Happyville High may seem like the perfect school, but scratch beneath the surface and there’s something really weird going on.
Teachers and students are too wrapped up in their own popularity to see what’s happening, but there are three outsiders who can. Tyler, Dylan, and Ashley are a trio of super nerds brought together by their superior intellect and general dorky behaviour. Their lack of cool is their superpower, making them immune to the strange effects that popularity seems to have on the school. So when students start experiencing strange symptoms – like growing an extra-long spaghetti arm – it’s time for them to put their geek powers to the test and find the cause!

Join the gang for their second case in You’ve Been Werewolfed.


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