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Happytown Must Be Destroyed


For fans of My Brother is a Superhero and The Demon Headmaster comes an outrageously funny story of brain control, friends, enemies and saving the world, even if you don’t really want to. *From the award-winning writer of The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory*Leeza’s parents are ordinary. Unfit, grumpy, a bit embarrassing.

Totally normal, right? Until today. Today they are jogging. Eating salads and enjoying them.

Smiling all the time. They’re happy. Really, really happy.

Who could complain about that? Leeza, that’s who. Because it looks like someone’s brainwashing everyone in town. Who’s going to save the world? Oh no! It looks like it might have to be Leeza.

OK then. Let’s do this. You coming?By the author of The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory, winner of the Children’s Novel category in the Northern Writers’ Awards, this book is a must for anyone who wants something to make them snort with laughter.


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