Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras? (Girls F.C. 1)

Join the Girls F.C. as they show the world what it really means to play “like a girl”!

“My name is Megan Fawcett and this is the story of how I set up the best football team in the world. Get ready for kick-off!”

Nine-year-old Megan Fawcett loves football and is desperate to be on her school team. She tries everything to get the coach to notice her (even wearing a tiara!), but nothing seems to do the trick. Then Megan has her big brainwave: she could start her own team. An all-girls team! Now she just needs a pitch, a coach ? oh, and ten other players ?

This is the first in a twelve-book series about women’s football by Helen Pielichaty, with each charmingly-written book focusing on a different member of the football team and a different issue ? all building up to the final book, which explores the future of the team as the original Girls FC moves on to secondary school. Read all books in the series about the all-girls-football-team:

  1. Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?
  2. Can Ponies Take Penalties?
  3. Are All Brothers Foul?
  4. Is an Own Goal Bad?


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