First Baby Days: Funny Faces : A look and laugh mirror board book

Stimulate a baby’s developing vision with this bright and bold, high-contrast novelty board book.

Babies are able to react and respond to simple patterns and contrasting colours just a few weeks after being born. As their eyes develop, high-contrast shapes, patterns and reflective surfaces give newborns something simple to focus on, respond to and interact with.

Funny Faces aids this development by using high-contrast colours, patterns with striking illustrations and a mirror to peer in to. Babies will react with delight as they look at the funny animals, play peek-a-boo, and giggle as they see themselves in the mirror.

All books in the First Baby Days series:?On the Move, Splish Splash, Night, Night, Moo Peek-a-Boo,?Animal Train, Funny Faces, Spots & Stripes and the bath book Bath Time.


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