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Human Body

Get set to explore your own body from the inside out! This leading title from the best-selling DK Eyewitness series of reference titles is a comprehensive guide to the human body for children, covering everything from the top of your nose to the tips of your toes. Travel through the amazing human body to learn about the brain centre, muscle power, bony frame, pumping heart, and senses hard at work interpreting and understanding our world. Processes you take for granted, including breathing and eating, are shown in breathtaking illustration and photography, and explained alongside incredible facts and figures.

This updated edition of Eyewitness Human Body is more interactive and informative than ever with new infographics, statistics, facts, and timelines. A giant fold-out wall chart is crammed full of body bits and pieces to serve as a useful reference tool on bedroom or classroom walls. Whether you’re looking for a body book for homework help, school projects, or just for fun, you’ll never look at yourself in the same way again!


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