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Everything All At Once


*Winner of the 2019 CLiPPA award*An achingly beautiful collection of poems about one week in a secondary school where everything happens all at once. Zooming in across our cast of characters, we share moments that span everything from hoping to make it to the end of the week, facing it, fitting in, finding friends and falling out, to loving lessons, losing it, and worrying, wearing it well and worshipping from afar. In Everything All At Once, Steven Camden’s poems speak to the kaleidoscope of teen experience and life at secondary school.

‘All together. Same place. Same walls.

Same space. Every emotion under the sunFaith lost. Victories won.

It doesn’t stop. Until the bell. Now it’s heavenNow it’s hell.

Who knows?Not meI just wrote what I can seeSo what’s it about? Here’s my responseIt’s about everythingAll at once.’


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