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Estella And The Falling Star

The first ‘Mermaid Legends’ book: Estella and the Falling Coralie Sparkes

When Merina finds an unusual, sparkling starfish in Sapphire Sea, she takes it to show her Nana. Nana tells her how the starfish came to Sapphire Sea, This book is the story of a stargazing mermaid called Estella who longs for the brightness of the beautiful stars.
When the magical Wish Fish appears in Sapphire Sea, Estella is desperate to find it and have her wish granted. But things are not straightforward. Estella has to race to find the fish first, and the fearsome Shadow-Shark is threatening the safety of Sapphire Sea….
Adventure, fantasy and friendship are bound together in this charming and magical tale for young readers. Estella and the Falling Star is the first book in the ‘Mermaid Legend’ series, which explores the wondrous underwater world of the mermaids. Each book will focus on the legends the mermaids tell, offering an explanation of how something so marvellous came to be.


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