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Dinosaur Police

Dinoville Police Station was having a perfectly quiet morning – until the phone rang … “Red alert!” hollered Sergeant Stig O’Saurus. “There’s a rampaging T-Rex at the pizza factory!” The dino police hop in their vehicles and switch on their sirens faster than you can say “WOO WOO!” They try to arrest Trevor T-Rex who is gobbling pizzas meant for the town fair, but Trevor manages to escape … The walkie-talkies are out, the air squad is being called in to help – but Trevor is still on the loose … until the cheeky T-Rex runs through the building site and gets stuck in … CEMENT!

A fabulous picture book by the fantastically talented, bestselling Sarah McIntyre! Also available now is the second book from Dinoville, Dinosaur Firefighters.


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