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Cyrstal & Gem

Take a shine to the ultimate guide to crystals and gems, part of the best-selling Eyewitness series of reference books. From the rarest crystal to the most common stone, gems from around the world are revealed in dazzling detail. Eyewitness Crystal & Gem stands out on the shelves for children wanting homework help or simply treasure-seeking.

Young readers can use the encyclopedic profiles to identify all kinds of crystals and gems, and watch how a diamond in the rough becomes the show-stopping centrepiece of a valuable ring. Packed with essential information, this updated edition is more interactive than ever with new infographics, statistics, facts, and timelines. Like the entire Eyewitness series, this engaging and educational book is both a study aid and a fantastic read for children everywhere.

A giant, glittering wall chart is also included to add serious sparkle to your bedroom or classroom.


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