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Coyote Summer

Sometimes I get that feeling like everyone can see right through me. Like all my secrets and thoughts and things I don’t want anyone to see are hanging all over me. My mum has exiled me; sent me halfway across the world to live with her sister in Kansas. Have you ever been to Kansas? The emptiness is overwhelming. Everyone thinks I’m a failure. But then he sees me. The coyote, eyes golden and wild. And I guess it’s because someone’s watching me, but I start to dance.?

Jules has been sent in disgrace from her privileged London life to live on her aunt and uncle?s farm in Kansas for the summer. Feeling very alone and struggling to deal with her mistakes, Jules gradually connects with the wild new world around her – rediscovering her love for dance through the eyes of a coyote – and begins to feel alive again.

With hauntingly-beautiful writing from Mimi Thebo,?Coyote Summer?will stay with you long after you put the book down. By the same author – Dreaming the Bear.



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