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Counting Stars

?Imagine this. You lie at night in the garden and gaze into the sky. The universe extends forever. The countless stars shine down on you. They are tiny, astonishing, impossibly distant. You are the centre of it all, and as you gaze, your mind is flooded with memories, with dreams, with excitement, with bold imaginings and strange new yearnings ??

This collection of short stories grew out of the author?s childhood in the streets and fields of Tyneside. They?re funny and sad, realistic and strange, and are suffused with a sense of mystery and wonder. Almond hopes to show that the ordinary world is filled with extraordinary possibilities, that the local really does contain the universal.

This new edition includes a number of previously unpublished stories, and an afterword that explains and explores the roots of David Almond?s work.


Out of stock


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