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Cities Around The World

Get ready for a whistle-stop sight-seeing tour – without even leaving your seat! Cities Around the World is a search-and-find book packed full of some of the world’s most exciting places. Read about some of the famous landmarks and then find them in each city. Plus, there are fascinating cultural sights hidden in each scene.

Can you find the Broadway stars in NYC, the balalaika in Moscow’s Red Square, or the lucky cat at Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing? Once you’ve found everything, there’s a special counting question in each city to really test your searching skills! Featuring: New YorkLondonAmsterdamParisBerlinBarcelonaRomeMoscowBeijingTokyoSydneyToronto At the back of the book, there’s even more information to discover about each city. Bursting with fun things to see and fascinating things to learn, Cities Around the World is a book to be read again and again.


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