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Butterfly Brain


A very special picture book from two rising stars. Everyone is always shouting at Gus to stop leaning back in his chair – but does he care? No way! Then sure enough, the chair falls, he cracks his head and has to spend all summer in bed. Out of the crack escape his memories, dreams and imagination …

and a beautiful little butterfly guide. Gus must follow the butterfly to recapture all he’s lost, including that locked box he doesn’t seem to want to touch … Together they remember fish fingers, snapping bubble wrap, cracked pink soap and the leaky tap; they go wild, stomping around in the joy of imagination and happy dreams – but they can’t go any further if Gus won’t gather all of his memories.

His butterfly will die unless Gus is ready to hear about his mum … A delightful and moving exploration of grief and the joy that makes us human, from the effervescent voice of Laura Dockrill, with heartwarming full-colour illustrations from Gwen Millward.


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