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Are All Brothers Foul? (Girls F.C. 3)

?My name’s Lucy Skidmore and I love football. But my brother Harry has been awful since our parents split up ? and now he’s even getting in the way of football practice ??

The under eleven girls? football league is well underway and Lucy Skidmore is her team?s best defender. But since her parents? divorce, her brother Harry is acting out. Lucy overcompensates by trying to please both parents all the time; but with a dad living miles away, a mum stressed out and a sulky brother to contend with, she?s feeling the pressure.

This is the third in a twelve-book series about women’s football by Helen Pielichaty, with each charmingly-written book focusing on a different member of the football team and a different issue ? all building up to the final book, which explores the future of the team as the original Girls FC moves on to secondary school. Read all books in the series about the all-girls-football-team:

  1. Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?
  2. Can Ponies Take Penalties?
  3. Are All Brothers Foul?
  4. Is an Own Goal Bad?


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