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The Boy, the Bird & the Coffin Maker

When you came to Allora you just had to tilt your head towards the sky to see magic every day and deep into every night.

Alberto lives alone in the town of Allora, where fish fly out of the sea and the houses shine like jewels. He is a coffin maker, spending his quiet days creating the final resting places of Allora’s people. Until the day a mysterious boy named Tito and his magical bird arrive – flying from danger and searching for a safe haven. Tito is fearful, suspicious of kindness, but as the winter days grow colder and darker, Alberto’s home grows warmer and brighter. Can Tito and his bird be sheltered from the town’s prying eyes and the shadows of their past?

Matilda Woods’s first novel is a story of life and death and of how hope can burn bright in a place faded by sadness. Also available now is her second novel, The Girl, the Cat & the Navigator.


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