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Book Hospital

A funny, charming story about the magic of books from the co-creator of the hit Cbeebies series, Olobob Top. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to BE a book? The BEST bits are getting to hang our with your friends and tell amazing stories, but sometimes a good book can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time… And then they might get scribbled on, nibbled on or even lose their last and most important page…

And when that happens, it’s time to go to… Book Hospital! This funny, reassuring story is a celebration of books and the magic of reading. Because when you love your books, when you’re kind to your books and when you read your books, they will take you on a magical journey that you’ll never forget…

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  1. Jo

    Charming, funny book, inventively illustrated, love the attention to detail in the illustrations, nice reminder to look after your books too! See our blog post too for more detail.

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Find another book using keywords, Title or an ISBN)