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Big Nate Goes for Broke

When you’ve got a head the size of Big Nate’s then losing is not an option.

But Nate’s school P.S. 38 gets beaten by arch-rivals Jefferson Middle School at EVERYTHING. Whether it’s sports, maths or a snowball fight in the park, P.S. 38 just can’t ever seem to win. So when their school springs a leak and they have to join forces with Jefferson for a while, Nate and his friends are mortified. What degrading loses must they face now? Or can Nate find something that P.S. 38 can actually win at?

Read Lincoln Peirce’s Big Nate series in order:

  1. Big Nate: The Boy with the Biggest Head in the World
  2. Big Nate Strikes Again
  3. Big Nate on a Roll
  4. Big Nate Goes for Broke
  5. Big Nate Flips Out
  6. Big Nate in the Zone
  7. Big Nate Lives It Up
  8. Big Nate Blasts Off!


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