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Apple Pigs

Some ate cores, some ate peelings, Some ate apples from the ceiling.

Soon the apples were no more, We’d gobbled up our whole great store.

A timeless classic by Ruth Gary Orbach, loved by a generation, reissued to be enjoyed by today’s children.

A little girl finds a withered apple tree surrounded by rubbish. To stop the tree being chopped down for firewood, she clears the rubbish to help the poor tree grow. When Spring arrives, the tree bursts into blossom and produces a glut of apples. But as the little girl’s family try to eat, cook and hide the apples in rugs, blankets, wagons and jugs, the apples continue to grow! There is only one answer: an apple feast! A wonderful tale and its charming illustrations will amuse and educate a new generation, giving them an appreciation of nature’s bounty and the importance of sharing. The book includes a guide to making your own ‘apple pig’ (a fruit sculpture that looks just like a pig!).

This beautifully illustrated tale of an apple tree that grows too many apples is delightfully told in rhyme.


Out of stock


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