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Animal Explorers: Lola the Plant Hunter PB

Animal Explorers is a wonderful picture book series that will inspire all budding travellers and explorers to follow their dreams. Lola the polar bear has a passion for plants, but there aren’t many flowers in the Arctic. There’s only one thing for it: she’ll have to trek to the Amazon jungle! It’s hard work for a polar bear, but nothing holds Lola back.

And there’s a prize for her at the end of it, when she discovers the elusive Singing Orchid! Animal Explorers is a witty, entertaining picture-book series that will inspire children to follow their dreams. Sharon Rentta’s glowing illustrations are packed with fabulous characters and funny details to point out and share Mini biographies at the end of the book tell the amazing stories of four real-life explorers Also in the Animal Explorers series: Stella the Astronaut, in which an adventurous squirrel dreams of being the first of her kind in space. Toby the Deep-Sea Diver, in which a young tiger longs to explore the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean.

Praise for Sharon Rentta’s books: “Rentta’s illustrations are first class . . .

destined to become a favourite.” Carousel “full of colour and joy . . .

great to read out loud” Books for Keeps


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