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Animal Awards

Celebrate the most spectacular species in the animal kingdom with this amazing book of animals, illustrated by Tor Freeman. ‘entertaining, engaging and charming illustrations’ ‘too adorable to pass up’ ‘great for the classrooms, inspiring for teachers and children’ Fifty fantastic creatures are awarded prizes to celebrate their most dazzling talents and some unusual skills. Roll up, roll up! The Animal Awards are about to begin.

Who will win the Terrific Teeth Award? Who will claim the title of Most Smelly? Who will win the prize for Best at Pretending To Be A Plant? Celebrate with 50 brilliant animals from around the world who represent nature’s rich tapestry. Featuring: Mound-building termite – great bustard – chimpanzee – peregrine falcon – deep-sea anglerfish – giant octopus – emperor penguin – African elephant – wandering albatross – earthworm – leaf-cutter ant – Cuvier’s beaked whale – lion – chameleon – honey bee – naked mole rat – honey badger and honey guide bird – wolf – bat – skunk – tiger – electric ray – giant panda – humpback whale – European eel – Arctic tern – caribou – beaver – orb-web spider – kangaroo – giraffe – mosquito – lyre-bird – pistol shrimp – woodpecker – blacksmith bullfrog – cheetah – dung beetle – vulture – tortoise – ostrich – leaf-tailed gecko – flounder – false coral snake – cuttlefish – lion’s mane jellyfish – axolotl – giant clam – polar bear


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