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Alphonse, There’s Mud on the Ceiling!

The third title featuring loveable monster sister and brother Natalie and Alphonse!

Natalie and Alphonse mostly like living in a flat on the seventh floor. They love playing drive the double-decker bed and doing roly-polies in the hall. But when the two monster siblings invent a game of wriggly worms in the jungle … oh dear! ?OW!? SHFLWUMP! That is not a good game for indoors! Will this adorably rambunctious pair ever manage to create a magical, wild camping experience in their little apartment?

From the award-winning Daisy Hirst comes a story sure to inspire families to explore the great outdoors, before finding the perfect balance again back home. Find out more about the monster siblings in Alphonse, That Is Not OK to DO! and I Do Not Like Books Anymore!


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