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There once was a boy called Billy McGillwho lived by himself at the top of a hill. He spent every day in his house all alonefor Billy McGill liked to be on his own. But life doesn’t always turn out how you plan it…

One day Billy hears the squeak of a mouse – destroying his perfectly peaceful existence. So he gets a cat to catch the mouse. But the cat and the mouse make friends.

So he gets a dog to chase the cat. But they all play together too. So then he gets a bear…

then a tiger… and on it goes, until Billy’s house is so filled with characters that he has to move out. Will he find that he still craves peace and quiet, or is it actually quite lovely to have company and friends?The brilliant second book from Barry Falls is a laugh-out-loud tale of growing chaos, with a lovely message about how it’s good to have friends.


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Find another book using keywords, Title or an ISBN)