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The Secrets of Hexbridge Castle

The Secrets of Hexbridge Castle (Alfie Bloom 1) 9781407179551
“Alfie Bloom’s life is dull. Dull and lonely. All of that changes when he is summoned to the bizarre offices of mysterious solicitor, Caspian Bone, and inherits a castle full of wonders that has been sealed for centuries. Alfie is astounded to learn he was born in that very castle six hundred years ago during a magical timeslip. There, Orin Hopcraft, the last of the druids hid an ancient magic inside him, which others seek but it should never be used. With the help of his cousins Madeleine and Robin, a shapeshifting solicitor and a flying bearskin rug, Alfie must keep the magic safe from terrifying adversaries to make sure the secrets of Hexbridge Castle stay secret, forever.

Books in the Alfie Bloom trilogy in order are:

  1. The Secrets of Hexbridge Castle
  2. The Talisman Thief
  3. The Witch of Demon Rock

Also by Gabrielle Kent – her new novel, the hilarious adventure story, Knights and Bikes.”


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