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Aldrin Adams and the Cheese Nightmares

The laugh-out-loud funny children’s book from Number-One-Bestselling Ross O’Carroll Kelly author, Paul Howard. Illustrated throughout by Lee Cosgrove. An adventure full of mystery, magic and cheeses that seriously, SERIOUSLY pong!ALDRIN ADAMS is an ordinary boy with an EXTRAORDINARY SUPERPOWER.

When he eats cheese just before he goes to sleep, he can enter into other people’s dreams . . .

AND THEIR NIGHTMARES!But why has he got this power? And what is he supposed to do with it?HE NEEDS ANSWERS . . .

AND FAST!What Aldrin doesn’t realize is that he is being watched by a MYSTERIOUS, SUPERNATURAL VILLAIN who’s creating nightmares for millions of children every night. Will an ordinary boy, armed with his pet frog and the STINKIEST CHEESE in the world, be enough to stop him?A brilliantly funny, heartwarming story, perfect for fans of David Baddiel and Sam Copeland.


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