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After Tomorrow

What if you woke up tomorrow and everything had changed?
Money is worthless.
Your friends are gone.
Armed robbers roam the streets.
No one is safe.
Suddenly you’re a refugee.

Matt?s world is collapsing. Following ?Armageddon? Monday, when the five big banks crashed, armed robbers are roaming the streets, money has become worthless, and people are going hungry. Matt?s family have survived by growing and trading their own food, but they have now become the target of raiders.
The only hope for Matt and his little brother, Taco, is to escape to France through the Channel Tunnel, herded together with other migrants in the back of a truck. But when they get there, life isn?t much better. In a makeshift refugee camp in Les Mondeaux they find themselves the target of hostile locals and conmen, and prey to hunger and sickness. All Matt?s inner resources are put to the test as he struggles to survive . . .


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